View Full Version : Super-Angulon 65mm and 90mm front cell stuck?

29-Sep-2016, 07:49
Hello dear fellow large format enthusiasts,

I recently bought two Super-Angulon lenses (a 65mm f8 for a 4x5 superwide camera and a 90mm f8 for a 6x17 panorama camera I am planning to build) for a very reasonable price.
The problem is that the shutters in both these lenses need a proper CLA. To get to the shutter I need to remove the front cells but they seem to be stuck.
On my 210mm Symmar I can remove both cells by hand very easyly.
On these Super-Angulons (which are from different sellers by the way) only the rear cell is easy to remove and the front cells do not move at all...

Is there a trick to remove the front elements on Super-Angulons?
And if they are stuck, is there trick to get them off?

Thank you
Florian Stadler

p.s.: I will give you a proper introduction of me and my work as soon as I have taken (digital :( ) pictures of my homemade gear. :D

Eric Woodbury
29-Sep-2016, 09:17
On a different lens than yours, I had a stuck front element. Nothing would move it. My friend wrapped it in double stick tape so he could get a good grip and then twisted it off by hand.

Good luck and YMMV.