View Full Version : German? Markings Identification

Ernest Purdum
30-Apr-2005, 10:34
I know what D.R.G.M. means, but can anyone tell me what D.B.G.M.a means? It is on a very early (rollfilm) greatly modified Polaroid camera with a Staeble 122mm f4.5 lens in a Prontor shutter. I think the modification is German, mostly because that is where the camera came from.

Thilo Schmid
30-Apr-2005, 11:06

DBGM (Deutsches Bundes Gebrauchsmuster) means the same as DRGM, but is post WW-II. The appendix "a" means that it has been applied for but not yet granted.


Ernest Purdum
30-Apr-2005, 18:53
Thank you so much, Thilo. It appears that I am seriously out of date.