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Robert L Lombardo
16-Sep-1999, 12:44
I have been given a 5x7 Conley Camera. Manufactured in Rochester New York. It i s red. ? rosewood. It is in excellent condition. Can anyone tell me how I can o btain information on the Conley Company. I assume this is an antique camera. I have been an amateur for some time but never heard of the Conley Camera

Thank you

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
16-Sep-1999, 15:10
You might try here:


Michael Hendrickson
23-Sep-1999, 09:19
The Conley cameras were actually made by Conley Camera Company in Rochester MINNESOTA, not New York (odd coincidence)

I have one myself, a 5x7, with a patent date of September 9, 1902.

They made a lot of cameras for Sears, Roebuck, under different Sears brand names.

On Ebay recently there was a booklet for sale which had a history of that company, but I didn't get it.

I find the workmanship, especially the metal work, to be superior to a lot of other flat beds I've seen. Nice quality stuff.

I believe that Conley got absorbed into another company (Seebold?) in the late 1920s.

Tito Sobrinho.
17-Oct-1999, 13:05
Hi, Robert: I have the same camera as you do. Made of cherry wood. For Sears, they made several types as the SeROCO. I still can not find any data about these beautiful Conley cameras. My, has a triple convertible lens a la Protar. Best, Tito.