View Full Version : Travelwide.... $579 Sold on eBay

27-Sep-2016, 10:45
Basic Travelwide,,, no lens.... sold two days ago on eBay for 579.00


27-Sep-2016, 11:13
Hah! I've been thinking of selling mine. This is EXTRA motivating.

Drew Bedo
27-Sep-2016, 15:05
Yeah I saw that.


Tim Meisburger
27-Sep-2016, 17:31
Wow! I like mine, but not that much.

Kirk Gittings
27-Sep-2016, 18:48
Wow I just sold mine with a lens in excellent shape for $400. Se La Vi.

Tin Can
27-Sep-2016, 20:56
Who was complaining about depreciation?

I swear as I have for several years we are almost.......................................................................................thar

Whereever that is.

Chauncey Walden
29-Sep-2016, 11:06
But Kirk, I hear it was a very good lens;-) There is another one up now (search Wanderlust) with a 65 SA at $219 with 5 days to go. Let's see if there is another big bidder out there. I switched out my 65 for a 90 for my last trip. All fun.

Drew Bedo
30-Sep-2016, 15:19
There is now another body-only auction.

John Kasaian
30-Sep-2016, 15:36
Travelwide? I'm traveling a bit wide these days. Got to lay off those burrito lunches.

2-Oct-2016, 21:17
Ah, I never got around to using mine. hmmm...

4-Oct-2016, 13:57
Soon ebay is going to be floated with Travelwides and the price will have to come down lol

Kevin Crisp
4-Oct-2016, 14:02
Did the original batch of cameras get shipped? I signed up for the email notification and they have never sent a single email updating those interested in future production.

4-Oct-2016, 14:09
As far as I know yes, all of those were shipped. On their twitter they said they were working on a second batch, I'm sure we'll see something from them in the next couple of months.

Andrew O'Neill
8-Oct-2016, 12:46
I haven't taken mine out since last Spring. Planning to take it with me to Japan next Spring... maybe.

Tim Meisburger
9-Oct-2016, 14:15
I use mine a lot. I travel all the time for work, and often take just carry-on, so I am always looking for lightweight and compact options to no large format at all. Usually that has meant either a pinhole camera, or my little 4x5 Ikeda Anba, but lately it is usually the Travelwide. I have a little Amazon Basics CF tripod, a ground glass and now a Tilt-a-Mite, and with those I can make good images handheld or on a tripod, as long as they don't require movements. I think it is a great camera, as long as you are willing to work within its limitations.