View Full Version : No more Kentmere graded ?

Fred L
26-Sep-2016, 18:05
Been some time since I bought paper and it appears I can no longer get graded Kentmere paper, anyone know when this happened ? Looking for the closest thing to the old Zone VI Brilliant graded (I found graded Kentmere pretty close) but really don't want to experiment so any experience or thoughts most greatly appreciated to shorten the search ;)



John Kasaian
26-Sep-2016, 18:16
I haven't seen it in years. Certainly not since Calumet gave up the ghost.
I migrated to Emaks and after that was discontinued, graded Fomabrom (I hope that's still made!)

Fred L
26-Sep-2016, 18:27
thanks John, can you offer comparisons between Fomabrom, Kentmere graded and Brillant graded, if you've used any or all three ? I know Ilford is one solution and it's very good but I'm feeling a bit annoyed as my worry when they took over Kentmere was this exact situation - Kentmere graded being sacrificed.

neil poulsen
26-Sep-2016, 22:20
. . . Certainly not since Calumet gave up the ghost. . .

Yeah; and the ghost hung around for a bit, too.

27-Sep-2016, 04:24
Try the Ilford MG Cooltone - an excellent paper, does useful things in selenium & sulfide. From looking at the data sheets on both Cooltone & Bromide, looks like Ilford aimed the Cooltone (filtered) to speed match with Bromide - contrast curves are different, though the ISO-R tracks pretty closely - G1 is equal, G2 would equate to about 2.25 on CT, G3 about 3.5. You might also want to look at Galerie - might come closer to curve shape of G1 & G2 Bromide.

Which generation of Brilliant are you meaning? The old Guilleminot one that died in the early 90s or the badge-engineered Ilford paper that followed?

Fred L
27-Sep-2016, 05:17
thanks for the data Interneg, mayhave to do some test printing ;)

was using the Guilleminot made paper.