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Brad Rippe
29-Apr-2005, 13:46
Hi Everyone,
I recently received my new Arca Swiss F-Line Field Camera from Badger and I want to thank those members of this forum who helped me with my numerous questions, and for posting photographs of their cameras. It is the perfect camera for me. Probably my last 4 by 5 ? Having learned on an Arca Swiss in the mid 70s, it is very familiar. I want to thank Don Hutton for his advice to check out Ebony cameras, it was a very difficult decision, but I realized I couldn't go wrong with either choice. The camera is compact, smooth and very intuitive to use. The bellows has an amazing range as well. So, wish me power over with the wind gods and thanks again everyone.
-Brad Rippe

Ellen Stoune Duralia
29-Apr-2005, 13:56
Can I say "CONGRATULATIONS!!" even though I didn't make a contribution to your choice? Gosh, it's a good feeling when you find 'the one'!

jose angel
29-Apr-2005, 14:17
"Probably my last 4x5"... Mmmm... How old are you?

Congratulations for your purchase. Let us see your future´s work. Enjoy.

Donald Hutton
29-Apr-2005, 20:46

Congratulations - I am sure you will be delighted with your new gear.