View Full Version : B & J 5x7 back

Steve Feldman
29-Apr-2005, 11:43
Hi guys,

I have a Burke & James wood view with the 4x5 reducing back. Beautiful battle ship grey. I'd really like to locate the 5x7 back. Anyone?



Steve Hamley
29-Apr-2005, 13:38

Try Midwest Photo Exchange and Quality Camera.


Stephen Longmire
29-Apr-2005, 21:49
I recently saw one in Central Camera in Chicago. I'm sure they'd send it to you if they still have it.

Wayne Crider
1-May-2005, 16:16
I may have what you need. I bought a 5x7 back about a year ago expecting to built a camera but wound up concentrating on my 4x5's. Next is the 8x10, so, I'll part with the 5x7 if it is right for you. Pictures available on request.