View Full Version : scratched negatives

23-Sep-2016, 08:04
Hi, I am processing 4x5 film for the first time in a few years. In the past I was able to do this without scratching any film, but now I seem to have trouble NOT scratching the film! I use Ilford HP5+ and I process it in BTZS tubes.

I can't tell when the scratches are happening: I suspect it may happen when I take the negative out of the tubes. I was very careful when rotating the film in the fixer and in the hypo clear, so I don't think it happened then.

Any suggestions about how to avoid this?

I don't have long fingernails at all.

23-Sep-2016, 09:11
I can't help analyze when it is happening, but when you go to print these, if you run a finger along side your nose or another oily part of your face and then rub that into the scratches, it will pretty much make them disappear in your prints. Old news photographer's trick.

Jim Noel
23-Sep-2016, 10:10
Insure that the emulsion of the film is on the inside of the curl. If this is true, try filing the drum with water then inserting the film. Also remove from the filled tube.