View Full Version : using screen printing equipment for a vacuum contact frame

22-Sep-2016, 08:41
I've come across a vacuum table on that auction website and it got me thinking about perhaps using it as the base of a contact print frame.
For those in-the-know, do you think this might work if I placed a glass sheet over the top and sealed the edges to the base with tape?

heres a pic of it:


Gary Beasley
24-Sep-2016, 14:58
It would work just fine, no need to cover with glass though. Need to be sure and cover any unused holes with paper to keep the vacuum high.

25-Sep-2016, 01:46
Thats a good idea to cover unused holes, never thought of that. Hmmm but wouldn't the glass be needed to squeeze negative and paper together tightly? (with the help of the vacuum)

Gary Beasley
25-Sep-2016, 08:18
Oh, didn't notice the contact printer part. Actually a clean piece of thin mylar will do a better job than glass as it will seal the edges and pull the layers flat with a little rubbing out. Vacuum contact printers generally have a rubber mat underneath that pulls everything together. What you have is usually used as a vacuum easel under the enlarger. If you really want a good contact printer look for an old platemaker rig, it might be bulky but very effective.