View Full Version : Toyo D45M mania?

John C Murphy
29-Apr-2005, 06:58
I notice there are currently three Toyo D45M's for sale on ebay, and there have been several others for sale in recent months. Prior to this, you almost never saw one available (I always watch since I own two myself). Why do you suppose everyone is getting rid of their D45M's?

Edward (Halifax,NS)
29-Apr-2005, 07:02
We know the truth. Two of those are yours and you are trying to drum up business. ;-)

John C Murphy
29-Apr-2005, 07:08
Funny. But sadly no, they're not mine. I am thinking about bidding on one of them, but the price is kind of high. I don't really need another one, but it's kind of an obsession. Blame Bob Fowler, since he's the one who turned me on to this camera in the first place.

Gem Singer
29-Apr-2005, 07:50

Everyone is getting rid of their Toyo D45M's due to the fact that when that particular camera model was made, it was programmed to self-destruct at midnight, May1,2005??? (just a speculation).