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21-Sep-2016, 21:18
Is it possible to use the anamorphic element of projections lenses like the Schneider Cinelux or the Isco Blue Star on a 4x5 camera??
I know that this lenses are made to cover the 35mm projecting film. But is it possible to use the 2x anamorphic element with a large format lens? Or the image circle will be determined by the anamorphic lens?


22-Sep-2016, 00:20
I would try them and then find out if they suit you. I tryed SLR magic 1.33 and 2 x but never on large format... and they are purpose built for camera lenses not projection... they have a 62mm screw and i think they would work on a normal to longuish lens and they recommend less than 50mm diameter lenses...

it will not work on your SA 47mm xl..

just try :) i think you will be pleased!

or just buy a wide angle lens and chop off the negative and make a panoramic! and gain image quality and lose de anamorphot look... and the hassle

22-Sep-2016, 02:56
The anamorphic projection lenses are basically normal projection lenses with an anamorphic front element... So you can remove the front element, figure a way to secure it to a smaller diameter LF lens front, and use it, or find an anamorphic adapter (element or prism type) that will secure to the front of the lens...

Note that most of these will not produce a very sharp image with some color fringing/aberrations/flare etc, esp at the edges... And there is a usable single normal FL that will work, but too wide of a lens, and there will be cut-off edges, and longer FL's will suffer from the above aberrations more... Might not be sharp enough for LF...

I have also used the attachments on enlargers too, but if shot with and enlarged with these, the results can be pretty mushy looking, even with fairly good ones... But I once did a fashion project where just the prints were stretched (for effect) with an attachment, and it looked pretty good... But I have also done this without one by printing/enlarging with a monorail view camera on a large copy stand, with a Graflarger attachment, and stretched or narrowed the image height with radical movements to create the "stretch" effect while keeping all focus points on the B/W paper in focus... Looked cool!!!

Steve K

22-Sep-2016, 07:16
So I only have to worry about which focal length I use with the anamorphic front element so I don't have vignetting.

Thanks for all the info!

22-Sep-2016, 21:53
When I have seen projection anamorphic lenses used on 35mm still cameras they needed to be normal focal length (50mm) or a little longer. They come up cheap on eBay. I would like to know how it works out in LF. As you know front adapted anamorphic lenses can have interesting artifacts. I have never thought about applying that look to LF. I have a couple of those lenses, maybe I'll give them a try.