View Full Version : What is this? wooden Ansco developing / printing contact frame box? how use?

21-Sep-2016, 08:54
On the ebay right now, item 222247718122

seller says it is a "Rare - Ansco 1910's 1920's 3 1/4 x 4 1/4 4x5 Developing Contact Frame Printer"

I have never seen such a thing, and it seems too small to hold chemistry for developing. Is it just a light bulb for making contact exposures? or what is in there?
(i'm not interested in it personally, but I am curious how it works)

155290 155291 155292 155293

and a few more photos...

21-Sep-2016, 08:54
155294 155295 155296

21-Sep-2016, 12:52
Film duplicating machine.:)

Jim Noel
21-Sep-2016, 13:34
It is a contact printer. Negative is placed on the glass, then the printing paper on top with the emulsion down. when the top is closed the lights come on and expose the paper which is then removed and developed normally. Enlarging paper will not work because it is too fast. These were made by the thousands and are for use with contact printing paper which is very slwo in comparison to enlarging paper.
It is far from rare, and to most people is a throw away or display item. Mine is no longer in use and isin an upstairs closet.

21-Sep-2016, 13:35
Is it just a light bulb for making contact exposures?
Yes. An array of light bulbs (or just one) in the lower part and a contact frame on top.
Of course it has nothing to do with developing as the seller says.

Kevin Crisp
21-Sep-2016, 13:39
Yep, contact printer. The ones I've seen in person have sheets of friable asbestos inside.