View Full Version : Ilex No. 3 Synchro Electronic

29-Apr-2005, 01:42
Greetings everyone, I have an Ilex N0. 3 Synchro Electronic shutter which is fired by a power source to activate a solenoid. The back measures 1 7/8" and the front is 1 3/4". It's very clean, including the leafs and the housing, and I would like to put it to use.
Is there anyone out there that would know what glass would fit it and where I can get a retainer for the rear to mount it on a board. Thanks ,Curt

29-Apr-2005, 04:54
Give SK Grimes a call. They should have the flange or retaining ring for that shutter and can tell you the size lens it will accept. They are also very capable of mounting a lens to it for you. You will never be disappointed by their quality only that they stay busy and it may take a little longer than you might hope.
Best of luck.

29-Apr-2005, 09:32
Doug, thanks I forgot about SK GRimes, I'll give them a call or email monday. Thanks, Curt