View Full Version : Komura w.a. lenses

Anthony Maw
22-Nov-1999, 04:12

I'd like any info about a Komura 75mm f/6.3 w.a. lens, good or bad from anyone w ith knowledge or preferably experience with using one.

e-mail a reply please.

Tom Hieb
22-Nov-1999, 23:57
I have had this lens for about a year and I am happy with it. I have used it mostly with B&W and B&W infrared film. Your results may be less satisfying if you plan on shooting a lot of chrome. Here is what I have found.

Light fall-off is very noticeable when viewed wide open on the ground glass, but rarely noticed on the negatives (usually shot at f22). I haven't felt as though I needed a center filter. Negative contrast and sharpness at the edges seem fine. Lens flare has not been a problem. The lens is quite big, so it does not fit in the pack as easily as others might, but who cares.

I bought this lens in mint condition for $325 and I have no plans to replace it with a more modern (i.e more expensive) lens. I hope this helps.