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John Schneider
19-Sep-2016, 22:29
This is both a general question and one about a particular lens. And if I've misstated something, please, please correct it for future reference.

A. First, it's well know than when Goerz was a corporate entity, their serial numbers ran from about 70,xxx to about 84x,xxx and maybe a little bit higher.

B. After that, when Schneider of America stepped in, they used existing Goerz optical elements and assembled as many lenses as they could, all in aluminum mounts. I've seen the longer RD Artars (42" and higher) from this phase with triple-digit serial numbers, such as 003 and 016; and more common, shorter lenses (such as the 6" Dagor; I had two of these are they performed the same as earlier GD lenses) with 4-digit serial numbers such as 51xx and 54xx.

C. Later, Schneider of America sourced the lenses to Kern of Switzerland and these had 2,xxx,xxx serial numbers.

D. And finally, Schneider-Kreuznach absorbed the lens(es) remaining in production (I believe just the 14" Dagor?), placed them the Schneider serial number scheme (14,xxx,xxx), and at the end gave them metric f.l. markings.

But, between B. and C., there were a few lenses with 1,xxx,xxx serial numbers (no Kern markings). I remember one such lens in the FS section here, maybe 10 years ago, and I have one that I got a few years and always wondered about. Mine's a 24" Goerz Optical Co. RD Artar with the sapphire coating, and duller, rougher anodizing usually seen on late L.D. Artars, s/n 1,100,xxx.

Was this lens made or assembled by Schneider of America, or did Kollmorgan have something to do in this transitional period?

20-Sep-2016, 08:09
John can U post photos of the lens?

20-Sep-2016, 09:27
C. Later, Schneider of America sourced the lenses to Kern of Switzerland and these had 2,xxx,xxx serial numbers.
Here's the only Goerz lens that I own, a Gold Dot Dagor from Kern, with a 2,xxx,xxx serial number.
Note that the rear cell also carries the serial number and the notation "Lens made in Switzerland".

http://www.atwaterkent.info/Images/Goerz_Front_fq_cr_DSC_0305.jpg http://www.atwaterkent.info/Images/Goerz_Rear_fq_DSC_0306.jpg

- Leigh

John Schneider
20-Sep-2016, 13:06
Here is the lens, front and back. It looks to be a barrel lens that was mounted into a shutter (based on the difficulty, the workmanship, and the included caps, I would guess Steve Grimes). So if there were any markings on the barrel, they're gone now.

20-Sep-2016, 13:39
I had always assumed that those lenses were the numeric progression of the Goerz Optical Co., lenses which apparently did not stop at 84x xxx, but continued past 1M. I always thought the Schneider Goerz ones were the 2 xxx xxx. The 14" Dagors made by Kern are the 14 xxx xxx. I have a 14" MC Dagor in Compur that I bought new from B&H in 1987 # 14 144 088 for $825.00!

If anyone else has more definitive information, pls chime in! Most of my Dagors are between 75x xxx and 80x xxx. My Artars go up to 833 3xx. I have the aluminum barrel of a 19" LD Artar Ser #835416 which I had mounted and foolishly sold years ago. There are no markings on the barrel.

DG 3313
20-Sep-2016, 16:37
I have two Goerz RD Artars- 14" Goerz optical corp and 19" C.P. Goerz am. opt. co. 82x,xxx and 81x,xxx respectively.