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28-Apr-2005, 19:58
I'm new. I bought two lenses on ebay - an old Schneider in Copal 1 and Nikkor in Copal 0 that looks and smells new. Both shutters are very inconsistent in 1, 2, 4s. Once in a while (Schneider more often than Nikkor) they will fire something that sounds like 250th or faster. Is this a common problem, how to get it fixed and how much will it cost me? Thanks!

Scott Rosenberg
28-Apr-2005, 20:41
Mmmmmmmmm.... nothin' quite like that new lens smell.

there are several high regarded shutter repair houses. the first that come to my mind are:

1. SK Grimes - 213.784.3087
2. Paul Ebel - 715.778.4372
3. Carol Miller - 626.333.0552

Scott Rosenberg
28-Apr-2005, 20:43
to answer the second part of your question, i just had paul ebel service an older synchro-compur to get it firing accurately and it cost me about $60.

28-Apr-2005, 20:45
i think scott got the number wrong for sk grimes
-- it should be (401) 762-0857


Scott Rosenberg
28-Apr-2005, 23:46
oops, sorry about that. 213.784.3087 is the number for camera refurbisher Patrick Alt... don't know how i mixed then up!

29-Apr-2005, 03:53
Are they running fast? Or are the slow speeds slow? What happens after you trip the shutter a few times does it get better?

29-Apr-2005, 08:41
Thanks, everyone!

Nick: When I keep on tripping the Nikkor over and over at, say, 1 or 1/2 or 1/4, it goes off correctly a few times. Then something happens (or does not happen) during cocking - it sounds kind of empty - and it fires at 1/500th or so a few times. Then the cocking sounds right, and it's back to normal. The Schneider does the same thing, only even less consistent.

Because these are my first two LF lenses, I almost thought it was normal :) Thanks for your help, I bet cleaning and lubing them will help.

Gene Crumpler
29-Apr-2005, 19:43
60 bucks sounds cheap. The last lenses I had serviced was a B50 T* for my hasselblad. It cost $240 (with 10% discount) at Hasselblad USA. They replaced what appeared to be a new shutter.

Used equipment has it's hazzards!

18-May-2005, 20:54
To follow up: Paul Ebel did a lovely job, it took him two weeks and he charged $137 for both.

Ole Tjugen
19-May-2005, 01:25
Both problems are related to sticky slow-speeds. Sometimes the slow speed escapement (1/10 and slower) doesn't quite complete the run; then the next time the shutter is cocked it the lever fails to engage the correct gears. A CLA will cure all this.