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Ralph Barker
19-Sep-2016, 08:07
Current (as of 19 Sep 2016) settings for Private Messages for Registered Users are: 200 maximum messages, with a limit of 2,000 characters/message. This was set a few months ago in response to issues with the previous settings of 100 message max, and 3,000 chars/message. This is as high as we can go with the current server configuration without risking problems with the size of the database partition, and changing the server configuration is not an option at this time. (We operate on donated resources, both in terms of the server, and the bandwidth used by the forum.)

Although PMs can be downloaded to one's PC and deleted from the LFPF server, the resulting format of the downloaded text is not particularly convenient for offline management. Persons for whom the 200 message maximum is not convenient may wish to enable e-mail communications from other members (that is turned off by default, but can be changed in their individual profile), and redirect conversations to e-mail after an initial PM contact. This would allow you to manage conversations within your chosen e-mail application.

To enable e-mail from other members, click on the "Settings" link at the upper-right of the forum display, then "General Settings" under the "My Account" section of the "My Settings" area in the menu on the left. There, you will see the "Messaging & Notification" area where the desired boxes can be checked.

If you don't already use a special e-mail account for forum activity, you may wish to consider doing so. You can change the e-mail address that is used in conjunction with the LFPF via the same "Settings" link, and the "Edit Email & Password" menu item. If you change your e-mail address from that with which you registered, please do so carefully. If something goes awry, however, you can always use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of all forum pages to contact the moderator team to request assistance.

19-Sep-2016, 08:28
Awesome! Thank you.

30-Mar-2018, 01:58
Nice to see that this site values forum members feedback!

Peter Collins
29-Jun-2018, 09:54
Okay. I get it. Thanks, Oren and Ralph!

28-Jan-2019, 23:18
good to know. thanks!