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18-Sep-2016, 20:20
I am trying to get into 8x10 photography.
I recently bought a vintage Kodak 10 inch f4.5 Anastigmat EA239 Lens. (Pictures attached).
Comes with Aphax Synchromatic Wollensak. Sold by Burke&James Inc.
I couldn't find any information related to this lens.
I can only find an enlarging/projection version of this lens.
Is this lens made for Projection/enlarging? or the one I have is made for taking pictures.
Any help/info would be appreciated.
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Dan Fromm
19-Sep-2016, 00:29

Taking lens.

19-Sep-2016, 01:14
Thank you. How is the performance of this lens? anyone know?

Jim Jones
19-Sep-2016, 03:45
According to the 1943 Kodak Reference Manual, your 1942 lens was intended for up to 6.5x8.5 negatives. Corners on 8x10 film will likely be unsharp and perhaps vignetted. It was produced concurrently with a series of similar Ektar lenses which, unlike yours, had anti-reflection coating on inner surfaces. Except for that, performance should be good. The good Tessar design had been produced for decades, and is even used today. The sync would be for flash bulbs. It's been years since I've been inside one of these shutters, but the sync could probably be altered or adjusted for electronic flash.

Dan Fromm
19-Sep-2016, 08:49
On the one hand, Jim's right. An f/4.5 Tessar typically covers around 110% of its focal length.

On the other, coverage as people discuss it here is slightly subjective and can depend on how much the negative is to be enlarged. Many of the people who make coverage claims that seem exaggerated get away with it because their shots are of subjects with not much detail in the corners of the frame (nothing to lose, then) or with nothing of interest in the corners (nothing worth keeping). They also get away with it because they don't enlarge, just contact print.

OP, if you have an 8x10 camera take a couple of shots at f/22, f/32 and f/45 of a subject that puts fine detail on the ground glass' corners. Then look at the negatives' corners with a loupe and decide whether the image quality there is good enough to suit you.

19-Sep-2016, 11:54
Thank you for all the superb explanations.
One other thing, do you know who or how the flash sync can be modified to fit current electronic flash? Adapter perhaps?

Mark Sampson
19-Sep-2016, 12:07
Paramount makes/made a bi-post(the flash terminal on your shutter) to pc sync (modern standard) adapter cord. That's all you'll need. Leave the selector switch at 'X' for electronic flash. You can use any shutter speed.

Jim Jones
19-Sep-2016, 21:41
Oops, Mark is right. I should open my eyes before opening my mouth. The shutter has an option of M for medium delay flash bulbs or X for electronic flash.