View Full Version : Pyrocat HD in a Jobo 1530 tank with 4 rolls of 120.

Simon Benton
18-Sep-2016, 09:35
I am going to try Pyrocat HD for the first time and will be developing 4 rolls of Acros 100 in a Jobo CPE2 in a 1530 tank using 330ml of developer at the mix ratio of 1:1:100. Will I exhaust the developer using 4 rolls of 120? I have searched the web to find an answer but to no avail. All I can find is the recommendation to use 75ml for a 4 X 5 sheet. Any advice welcomed.

18-Sep-2016, 09:39
All I can find is the recommendation to use 75ml for a 4 X 5 sheet.
You would need 300ml for one 8x10 sheet, or any roll that can be proofed on a single 8x10 sheet of paper.
That includes 36-exposure 35mm or a standard 120 roll.

So four rolls of 120 would require 4 x 300 = 1200ml of developer.

Your 330ml is enough for ONE roll, significantly short for four rolls.

- Leigh

18-Sep-2016, 09:40
Since 8x10" roughly equals a roll of 120 or 135 in terms of surface area and one 4x5 is only 25% of that, 330ml for 4 rolls of 120 would be about 25% the recommended volume. However, in my experience one roll of 135 develops fine in 150ml of solution, so there's some leeway at least. But your and approach would be pushing the limits.

Ken Lee
18-Sep-2016, 10:03
Why test so much at one time ?

Try a test roll, no ?

Simon Benton
18-Sep-2016, 10:11
Thank you gentlemen for the comments and suggestions. I was trying to process multi rolls at the same time to reduce the elapsed time of processing but the 1530 will hold a maximum of 600ml without straining the CPE-2. This means I can only develop 2 rolls at the same time without exhausting the developer and this is what I will do. Thank you again and I will let you know the results.