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domenico Foschi
28-Apr-2005, 12:51
I am in the market for my second matt cutter.
I have been looking at Framerisland.com, more specifically http://framersisland.com/index.php/cPath/1 which has great prices, and i was thorn between the Logan 650 and the 750.
Does anyone have experience with one of the two? Or both?
Of course my wallet likes the 750, but I am also attracted by the ease of use of the 650, according to the retailer.
I am not planning to cut bigger matts , which means i will not need bigger models.
Thank you.

P.S. I noticed that we don't have a Photo-finishing category. I would suggest to add it to the list.

Jorge Gasteazoro
28-Apr-2005, 13:08
Dominico, I bought the 655 from framers island. There are a few consideration, I like better the start and stop mark of the 750, the 650/655 has two dots, you start on the green one and stop on the red one, the problem is the dots are way too wide so you run the danger of about 1 mm overcuts.

With the 650/655 you have to deal with blade depth, blade adjustment to the rail, etc, etc. with the 750 you just pick up and go, it is all machined to be the way it is supposed to be you put the blade on the holder and provided you have taken care of it, it will stay that way for years.

the 650/655 is huge...way more than what I needed. I do windows for 16x20 and 20x14 mats for my prints, if you plan to work with the big mats (30x40) then the 65o is the way to go, if not then dont waste your money.

The so called "productions" stops are a PITA. If you are cutting mats everyday and they are all one size then I guess it would be worth it to ruin a few mats to set the production stops just the way they you want them, but the moment you have to go to a different size you have to go through the measuring and setting again. If you are like me and just cut windows when you want to show your prints or have sold them, then I bet you wont be using the production stops, they are more hassle than what they are worth.

MY opinion, either go with the 750, or really splurge and go with the C+H, these higher model logans are not all that they are cracked up to be by the advertising hype.

Michael Kadillak
28-Apr-2005, 13:21
Jorge hit the nail on the head. After looking a Logan 650 over carefully at the local framers shop, I got a used C&H (48") and am pleased with the decision. Great customer support in the parts and technical areas and it works like a champ. Maybe the 750 is better made, but I was not in any impressed with the Logan 650. Simply inferior from the C&H in just about every area that matters.


28-Apr-2005, 13:57
I use a Logan 660 on a daily basis.

I've never had even an inkling of a problem with it. It works great.

28-Apr-2005, 15:33

I have the Framers Edge 650. I like it alot. I don't use it day in and day out, but it works great every time. I made a 4 foot by 8 foot mat table out of 2 x 4's and covered it with plywood and covered that with a sheet of masonite. The mat cutter work surface is 36 inches tall which is just right for me.I didn't like the way the squaring arm hung out there unsupported so I slid a piece of 5/8 plywood under it, and glued some 1/4 inch plywood on top, leaving a gap for the squaring arm to sit in. This makes it flush and level with the mat cutters base board. Then I covered the plywood with pool table felt so that the mat board wouldn't get any marks on it. This is big enough to handle a full size sheet of mat and takes up 60% of the table top. 30" Rototrim and Mounting press take up the rest. Under the table are shelves where I store mat board and other mounting supplies for the dry mount press.

I bought the 650 on ebay for a little over $300.00 new in the box. As I recall there were a lot of mat cutters on there. There were a bunch of new ones with buy it now. That was a couple of years ago, but it might be worth a check and see.

Scott Davis
28-Apr-2005, 18:44
I too have a Logan 650. I got it on Ebay a couple years ago, I think from the same dealer Dee is referring to. For my irregular use, it has served well. I also really like the production stops, because when I'm cutting mats, I usually have a dozen or more to cut for a show I'm preparing. My biggest complaint with it is that it is hard to get perfect edges when cutting 8-ply, especially if you have to cut a small window (under 10" on a side). I suspect that is operator error, but I don't know what to do to correct it.

David G. Gagnon
28-Apr-2005, 19:30

I have the Logan 760 Simplex Plus, which I probably would not recommend. The squaring arm has a very mickeymouse, flimsy design for being squared and re-squared. On long cuts, the guide rail will actually bow when making a cut if you're not careful. I am probably to blame for that happening; if I used the thing more often, I would be more proficient with my movements.

As another poster mentioned, I had trouble cutting the 8 ply board with this mat cutter. As a hobbyist, I couldn't justify buying one of the really good ones, so I opted for this model. It handles a 60" board, which I'm now realizing that I'll probably never need to cut one that large. Maybe the smaller Logans are not as flimsy.


Jeffrey Sipress
28-Apr-2005, 21:42
I struggled with a Logan for a few years. It was a constant PITA. I finally bought a proper piece of machinery with accuracy and real useable scales, the 48" C&H. It's like going from a skateboard to a BMW. You'll never regret it.

Dave Schneider
29-Apr-2005, 09:51
Before buying a C+H look at the Keencut. First off it has a metal base so it will not warp like a particle board base. The stops and cutting guids are all included whereas they are options on many competitive models. The ease of use is second to non.