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17-Sep-2016, 12:51

I am planning to experiment with a DIY camera in 11x14 (and a reducing back for 8x10) and bought a Symmar-S 360mm / f5.6. Bad news: a lens element is missing so that the lens will not work.

The good news is: the Compound V shutter seems to work ok. I am now looking for lens elements that I can mount into the shutter.

Which other lenses can I mount into the Compound V shutter to cover 11x14 (or at least 8x10) ? I could buy one with a broken shutter for instance.
Can I "simply" re-mount (cheap?) barrel or process lenses into the Compound V shutter ? Or does this require mechanical work ?
Can I remount a Symmar-S 360mm f/5.6 from a Sinar DB plate into the shutter ?

Thanks for your feedback and ideas,

Dan Fromm
17-Sep-2016, 13:38
I'm sorry, but Schneider's 1973 and 1990 Symmar-S brochures say that the 360/5.6's cells fit a #3. Adapters can be made, ask www.skgrimes.com for an estimate.

You can stuff barrel/process lenses into the front of a Compound V or hang a Compound V in front of a lens. Again, an adapter will be required. The shutter's controls are on the front so stuffing a lens with a fat barrel into the front of a #V may make accessing the controls impossible. Also, I don't know how strong the shutter is, i.e., how heavy a lens can safely be hung on it. FWIW, I had skgrimes make an adapter -- a stepped tube, threaded at the front to accept the shutter and with rubber-tipped set screws at the rear -- to hold my #V in front of a 900 Apo Saphir.

If you want to look in catalogs for lenses that were sold in #V, here's a link to a set of links to catalogs: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=8D71BC33C77D1008!1005&authkey=!ACp3Kf30SHN3MwY&ithint=file%2cdocx Happy hunting!

Alternatively, sell the #5 and look for a complete lens in a smaller shutter that will cover 11x14.

17-Sep-2016, 14:07
Thanks for the quick reply. I think I mixed things up, it is a 360mm f/5.6 Symmar Convertible in fact. May also be a Compound IV, need to conduct further research. Also thanks for the link to the catalogs, generally a nice reference.

Will see how to proceed - maybe selling the shutter and buying a working lens in shutter is indeed the best option.


karl french
17-Sep-2016, 14:42
Yes. Compound IV.

17-Sep-2016, 14:54
A working compound V shutter should fetch a worthwhile price to spend on other complete lenses/shutters.
You could also use a magnifying glass or closeup filter with your compound V shutter to have a little DIY fun first.

Dan Fromm
17-Sep-2016, 15:29
Yep, #IV 10/2.

Oren Grad
17-Sep-2016, 15:42
I've edited the thread title accordingly.

But I'll add my voice to the advice to sell the shutter and apply the proceeds toward a complete lens in working shutter.

17-Sep-2016, 15:56
If it's convertible won't either the front or the back elements work??? Probably with a very large image circle?

Dan Fromm
17-Sep-2016, 17:24
If it's convertible won't either the front or the back elements work??? Probably with a very large image circle?

So one might think. Schneider says it is a convertible, recommends removing the front cell and using the shutter and rear cell. The rear cell's focal length is 500 mm, maximum aperture f/12 and flange-focal distance infinity is 610 mm. Coverage is 30 degrees, so the rear cell alone covers rather less than the complete lens. 267 mm converted vs. 402 complete. All this news from a Schneider brochure.

17-Sep-2016, 22:10
The 360mm/5.6 Symmar Convertible is a beast but quite affordable. I got mine in a Compund shutter for $120 on EBay a year or two ago. I'd just get another one when it comes up!

17-Sep-2016, 22:19
Thanks a lot for a good amount of feedback. I'll consider seling theshutter or waiting till a cheap Symmar comes along ...