View Full Version : Current Ilford product list

tim atherton
28-Apr-2005, 09:35
Ilford has posted a PDF of it's current film (and paper etc) product list, with what is being continued to be produced, what is not, and what is left right now as while stocks last


David Karp
28-Apr-2005, 09:45
Thanks Tim.

Oren Grad
28-Apr-2005, 10:13
Thanks for posting the link...

Seems to raise more questions than it answers. Does "nonstock" mean "discontinued" or "special order"? What's the difference between "nonstock" and "enquire"?

mark blackman
29-Apr-2005, 04:46
is there an equivalent list for colour (Ilfochrome) stuff? I can't find one.

John Cook
29-Apr-2005, 10:12
Say "goodbye" to Bromophen...