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15-Sep-2016, 15:25
I found a local machine shop that will make a brass flange for my 1865 Voigtlander 8 in. Petzval. (Two day delivery!) I'm planning on mounting it to my 1926 Gundlach Korona 5x7 and using it for a portrait project. I have another Voigtlander Petzval, serial dated to ~1848. It has a rack & pinion knob/gear that's clearly too small and not original. However, the one from my 1865 lens seems to work on it! I asked the machine shop if they could simply copy that one and make a duplicate, but they said they have no machinery to cut a gear that small. They weren't sure anyone else in town did either. So, who could do this? SK Grimes maybe? Surely there is some place that can. I've seen some other nice Petzvals come up for sale that I passed on because the r&p was missing. I know that functionally it doesn't matter since I'm using them on a modern Gundlach Korona and Chamonix 4x5, but the knob just looks cool. Has anyone had this done? How much did it cost?

Kent in SD

15-Sep-2016, 15:38
Have seen quite a few Petzval lenses on the big auction site. A few of them were missing their glass, so up for auction were only the brass parts. Checked and up for auction now is one "Brass Petzval Lens Barrel, no glass" and it includes the geared focusing parts.

15-Sep-2016, 15:49
Hmmm. Did not consider becoming a cannibal. No doubt that would be cheaper than having something machined. Trick would be finding something close enough to fit.

Kent in SD

Steven Tribe
16-Sep-2016, 00:45
Some Petzvals (both Photographic and Projection) due have matching numbers stamped under the cover mount bearing, both on the hidden part of the barrel and underneath on the cover. Something like 10 & 12 etc. Perhaps the number of teeth per inch?

Some brass designs means that the removal of the drive makes it possible for the barrel to fall off the sleeve in use. This is when the brass lens hood is missing (very common) or the rear lens cell has a diameter equal to, or less, than the main barrel. In these cases, I have always done a "transplant" from parts that I have accumulated. Buying a "unfortunately, no glass" lens, is only expensive when the engraving shows an iconic relic!

The drive axel can modified and the end knob can be easily be moved out by centimeter to give clearance to the barrel. The double enders drive shafts are a particular good source of parts. FInding a brass cover is, by far, the most difficult item. The internal radius has to be adjusted to fit properly on the barrel and the 4 holes for screws do not follow any sort of standard. This is a part which can be made from a piece of brass/bronze - there is a DIY thread. The threads of the 4 holes can be damaged beyond repair, but an outsize new thread will be completely invisible - and there will be an unlimited source of undamaged new screws.