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Ellen Stoune Duralia
28-Apr-2005, 07:28
Hiya! Well, I've been playing with my new Shen-Hao and learning about it's movements. I think I've pretty much got it down but I'm unsure about a couple of things. For the sake of simplicity, here's a picture which illustrates my confusion:

Also, I'm not sure if it's just a quirk or what but the back standard seems a little wonky (technical term). Very easy to pop out of alignment. Is that normal?

Another oddity is that some of my film holders slide in much easier than others. Is that because the camera isn't broken in yet or what? And one of those sliding clips in the photo has a tendency to slip down when I have the GG in landscape orientation which prevents me from sliding in my holder. What gives with that?

I know, lots of questions but I sure do appreciate the help in getting to know my new folder. Thanks in advance and have a great one

Edward (Halifax,NS)
28-Apr-2005, 07:41
I have no answers for you but when I tried the website you listed it said that only subscribers could view it. Just thought you should know.

Ellen Stoune Duralia
28-Apr-2005, 07:46
Oh shoot, Edward, you're right about that gallery thing. Sorry about that! I'll post it where it'll be viewable to all.

Ellen Stoune Duralia
28-Apr-2005, 07:48
This link should work better:


Again, sorry about that :)

Dean Tomasula
28-Apr-2005, 07:56
Ellen, the two sets of knobs on the back standard of the SH are for back rise. Loosen both sets of knobs and you can raise the back standard. Make sure to tighten them down so it won't shift before you shoot.

The big sliding clip on the GG holder is for taking the GG back off the camera and using it in either portrait or landscape orientation. Just slide the clip, lift the GG back assembly up and position as needed. be sure to reseat the clip so the back does not fall off!

Also, check to see if all the knobs are tightened. If some are not tight, things can shift when you least expect them to.

Take a look at the Shen-Hao Users Group Forums, there you'll find the answers to most (if not all) of your questions.


Gem Singer
28-Apr-2005, 08:08

From what I can tell from your picture, the two knobs (one on each side) are for interchanging the standard bellows with the bag bellows. Unscrew them and see if the bellows pops off. I'm guessing here, but the sliders look like they are designed to hold the Shen Hao 6X17 roll film back. The Shen Hao that I owned did not have those sliders. However, it was made before they introduced the 6X17 back.

Gem Singer
28-Apr-2005, 08:20
P.S. You can tighten the screws with a small Phillips screwdriver, making it more difficult for those sliders to move. That way they won't interfere with the insertion of your film holder.

28-Apr-2005, 08:43
How does one get a 5x7 camera (and how much does it cost)? Badger and other US dealers don't seem to carry it?

28-Apr-2005, 08:51
The 5x7 needs to be ordered direct. When I got mine it was about $1200 plus shipping. Plus any add ons you might want to order at the same time.

Ellen Stoune Duralia
28-Apr-2005, 08:58
Bill, it's a 4x5 not 5x7. I have no clue where one might get their hands on a 5x7 - I haven't seem for sale anywhere either.

Hey folks, I think I'm starting to speak Chinese :) Or at least I'm beginning to figure out the Shen-Hao. It's just weird coming from a Horseman with geared movements to the total opposite.

Forgot to mention my other exciting news... went to my local camera shop yesterday to pick up a couple of boxes of film and guess what they had?! A 150mm Rodenstock and a Nikon 300mm - both in perfect condition. I snagged them up and it cost me less than $600. Now they may not be the best lenses in the world but they sure will work for me! Got a bunch of real nice film holders too (I only had 3 to my name before). Man, I love those people (Charlotte Camera)!

Herbert A Terbrack
28-Apr-2005, 09:16
I just got my 4x5 Shen Hao a few weeks ago. What I have learned about the camera tells me the upper knobs you have pointed to with the red arrows are for holding the bellows in the standards. The bellows will pop out it you unscrew the knobs allowing you to remove the bellows.

The sliding brackets pointed out by the blue-green arrows allow you to attach a roll film back to the camera. This can be accomplised by removing the view screen frame. To do this you grasp the springs and lift away from the camera. The viewscreen frame is held in by two flamges (screws) that fit into two notches in the spring assembly. You can then release the viewscreen frame which give you access to the back of the camera. The roll film adapter or other device can be attached to the back by the two clips you pointed out. This process is the same as when you attach the lens board to the front of the camera.
Of course you now have to buy a roll film adapter!
The viewscreen frame is easily reattached to the camera by the reverse process or you can slide in in like a film holder until it clicks into place. However, this may scratch the frame when you just slide it it.

Josh Z.
28-Apr-2005, 09:51
If you remove the bellows from the rear, just make absolutely sure that you put them back in again correctly. It's very easy to make a small alignment mistake on the shen hao and allow for light leaks. In particular, make sure that you seat the bellows behind the metal bar at the bottom, and at the top where the screws hold it in place, make sure that the back is tight against the wood, when it is, the screws should be very easy to screw in. Afterwards I usually turn off the lights and go around the assembly with a flashlight looking for leaks. Already once before I've had a few of my first shots ruined because I didn't put the bellows in right.

28-Apr-2005, 15:54
RE: Charlotte Camera, I'm on the Outer Banks and have ordered from them a lot. Including three lenses for the camera and three for the enlargers. They are very helpful and if I'm not satisfied with something, they make it right.