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Bob Phipps
28-Apr-2005, 06:31
Morning All,

Has anyone sold photos for use in a website. My client [Ad Ageny] has bought pictures for years for hard publications. Now they wish to purchase several for building their customers website. The pic are for wallpaper backgrounds and specific insert placements. I have no clue as to how to price this proposal. It's not like 1/4 page for 30,000 pulications.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Best wishes and thanks for your help.

28-Apr-2005, 08:24
Robb Galbraith's forum is probably a better forum to ask this; everyone here is a either an elder photo grunt or a dilettante.

Also ASMP and PDN have active discussions. But I think you need to consider the rarity of your images and what the market will bear. A brochure analogy is a good starting point, but remember that most web designers value images less than most print designers...

matthew blais
28-Apr-2005, 09:24
I would think stock photo prices for something like this...as they (client) could purchase a stock image from one of the too many agaencies out there and use it wherever. Maybe a 50% more as it is not offered as a stock image.

Anyway, a starting point maybe.

Eric Rose
28-Apr-2005, 09:38
"everyone here is a either an elder photo grunt or a dilettante"

I guess your in good company then Francisco.

Steve Lewis
28-Apr-2005, 10:24
Hi Bob

Don't know if this will provide a final answer for you, but it may be a good starting point. It's the website of the UK National Union of Journalists. Hope it helps.




Jay Lnch
28-Apr-2005, 12:33
It's not like 1/4 page for 30,000 pulications????

No it is much greater then that. How many visits do they get to there Website?

I would price it higher then a 30,000 publication run... And price it per year of usage.


Bob Phipps
28-Apr-2005, 14:54
Thanks all.

The company negotiated a mutually benefical price, copy line and encryption. It came out to be 15% high than my normal charge. i may have been to low since they did not blink at the starting point. We only countered once.

Thanks for all the info.

I may be "old", but I will never agree to growing up or old. No fun in that. Besides there are to many pictures to take/place in my collection yet. 30,000-40,000 35mm - 7,000 645 - 400 4X5's are not enough. Got to 4x5 much higher.

Thanks again not matter what category you fit into.

Best wishes, Bob

QT Luong
6-May-2005, 14:50
FYI, see http://www.sethresnick.com/price/webpricing.html
In practice, I've licensed quite a bit for the web, and never managed to get more than a few
hundred dollars for such uses.