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14-Sep-2016, 04:39
Hello, I'm new to this website, so please excuse my terminology with respect to this camera lens. I recently came across this very large Dallmeyer Super Six Anastigmat F=8 F/2 200mm camera lens. I believe this is what is called a large format lens? The serial number around the rim is 561702 if this helps identifying it? It is almost 5" inches wide and approx 5 1/2" tall and weights over 6 lbs.

Thank you all in advance for any information you can provide on this item.

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Dan Fromm
14-Sep-2016, 05:23
The Super Six was Dallmeyer's answer to Taylor, Taylor & Hobson's Opic, also called Series 0. The Opic was the first fast six elements in four groups double Gauss type lens and is the ancestor of most of the f/1.7 - f/2 lenses made for 35 mm SLRs from the early '60s on.

Yours is at least an OK lens and should cover 5x7 with minimal movements. Definitely a large format lens.

Completely unusable, though, because of the the size and weight and impossibility of putting in a shutter. I sometimes use a 4"/2.0 TTH lens on a 2x3 Speed Graphic but not often because at the apertures I normally shoot it is no better than a tessar or a plasmat type and is much, much heavier. I had a 200/2 S.F.O.M. lens for a while. Aerial camera lens much heavier than yours. Never found a way to use it, eventually sold it.

Super Sixes are now cult lenses. If you own the beast put it on eBay and wait for the bids and offers to buy off eBay to come in.

14-Sep-2016, 13:53
Yes, it is for large format, and I have moved it to the regular forum.

Rick "carry on" Denney

14-Sep-2016, 14:36
This is a rare lens, very expensive!