View Full Version : 2400WS Soff Shoulder rig for hand-held cameras.

Neal Chaves
13-Sep-2016, 18:40
Here's my answer to puny on-camera flashes. Total cost of parts on Ebay about $40. Of course you need AC for outdoor locations, but I have an inverter in my vehicle. This is the Larson Soft Shoulder rig designed by Peter Gowland and no longer in production. It works great with hand held cameras of all kinds, especially 4X5 press cameras. It can be set up left or right, horizontal or155017155018155019 vertical. With a little re-working, I mounted a Norman LH2000 flash head and umbrella reflector for outputs of 50-2400WS from my Norman 24/24 power pack. I use a 50W modeling lamp bulb instead of the usual 150-250W. If there is interest, I can post modification details in a DIY thread.

13-Sep-2016, 19:31
I have it, but dont remember if i ever used it. now if you speak about it i will retry. also have a rotareflector (forgot its name-i have the copy) flash guided inside. a lot of light-loss. but dream-light. it is really soff-shoulder not soft.

14-Sep-2016, 08:59
why bother with the modeling light? you pretty much know how it's going to be after a quick test or two (unless you are shooting at night or dusk I guess - to focus by)