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Ray Hunter
12-Sep-2016, 21:23
I was recently acquired this item along with some vintage/antique camera accessories. It has an 8X10 inch ground glass in a frame that can be adjusted with a locking slide on the side of the frame. Underneath, a mirror is installed with a pivot and can be adjusted. I wondered if it was a spotting device of some kind. It has two wooden "feet" on one end of the bottom and rests on a square piece of wood on the other end. Any help would be appreciated. Also, if I am in the incorrect forum, I will move on. Thanks!

12-Sep-2016, 21:48
Looks like a retouching desk for retouching negatives. Good score.

154969 154970


Ray Hunter
12-Sep-2016, 21:50
Thank you! Ralph Barker also helped me with the answer. I have never seen one before. I appreciate your help.

bob carnie
13-Sep-2016, 06:25
Nice find- I think Ralph is correct , if you ever want to get rid of it I have stuff for trade.

Some day I want to play with red Coccine on my negs.

13-Sep-2016, 08:15
There are later negative retouching machines. We have a few folks here who have them.

You can Google negative retouching machine. One of my heroes is Katherine Gillis,
a master spotter and retoucher. She has gone so far as to mount a stereo microscope
over an Adams retouching machine. I hope to attend a class of hers someday.