View Full Version : Gundlach Radar EWA 7 1/4" vs. Wolly EWA 159mm

Jon Wilson
27-Apr-2005, 11:50
Has anyone had any experience with a Gundlach Radar Extreme Wide Angle F:16 8x10 lens in a Betax No.3 shutter? I believe it was Gundlach’s answer to the Wollensak Ext.W.A. 159mm
lens? I know these Radar cells will fit in the same shutter for a Wollensak W.A. 159mm f9.5 lens. The only reference I have been able to locate was in Gundlach's No. 32 catalog which describes this 8x10 lens as a "90degree angle lens" which is "best for criticaldefinition and flat field work...[such as]narrowstreets and banquets." However, that advertisementlisted the focal length as 6 1/4" whereas the rear cell on this lens has 7 1/4". In comparing this Radar and the Wolly W.A. 159mm f9.5 lens, I have found both of these older lens difficult to fine focus, especially when the focusing is compared to my G-Claron 150mm f9 lens. Any insight and responses are appreciated?