View Full Version : Weight of Calumet CC400/403/404?

Warren Weckesser
27-Apr-2005, 11:18
I am planning on buying a cheap used 4x5 view camera to start
learning about LF. I see quite a few Calumet CC400/403/404s
in the used market, and one of those might work fine for me.
Does anyone know how much these models weigh? I have a Bogen
3221 tripod with 3030 head, which can support up to 13 pounds,
if I recall correctly. I'm trying to keep my initial costs
low, so I'd rather not have to buy another tripod.


Ben Calwell
27-Apr-2005, 11:27

I used one of those for years -- it was the model with the 22-inch bellows -- and mine weighed, I think, around six pounds or so. Your tripod and head should handle it Ok.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
27-Apr-2005, 11:41
Mine weighs about 8-9 lbs with a lens on and I use a 3011 with a 3030 head and don't have any problem.

Gem Singer
27-Apr-2005, 14:14
Hi Warren,

You're talking about a ten pounder, including lens, lensboard, film holder (especially Polaroid), and a focusing cloth draped over the top. Your 3221 tripod will work (at the lower extensions), but I recommend using a larger capacity head. Either the 329, or the medium weight Manfrotto ball head would be a better choice than your 3030.

Warren Weckesser
27-Apr-2005, 15:50
Thanks for the help! I'm glad they are not as heavy as I feared.

Edward (Halifax,NS)
28-Apr-2005, 07:03
Warren, they are tough to haul around because the long rail limits the cases/bags you can use. I have never been comfortable thowing mine in a duffle bag so I just use the standard case and don't stray far from the road. I have been tempted to cut the rail down to 12-14 inches which would make it a bit more portable.

As for Eugene's suggestions, I have removed the center column so I can get the camera lower to the ground but I never used the column when it was attached. As for the head, I haven't had any problems but I would feel more comfortable with a 3047.

28-Apr-2005, 07:06
I wonder if attaching a strap to the rail would make it easier. A shoulder strap attached to two points. One in front and one behind the camera might work. That sort of weight from a shoulder strap shouldn't be an issue.

Warren Weckesser
28-Apr-2005, 17:42
Thanks for the tips. I won't be going on any long treks with this camera. Mostly I'll be experimenting in my "studio" (a.k.a. living room, kitchen, etc).