View Full Version : Eastman 2D 5x7 split back

9-Sep-2016, 13:50
In a moment of madness I bought a 5x7 2D that has quite a few issues. One of them is the back that has an insert that splits the frame into 3 1/2x5, probably for economical portrait use. I don't have any use for that. Would I be a monster if I cut the insert with a little saw or Dremel and removed it? I can't figure how else to get it out.

9-Sep-2016, 14:28
Here is the back. 154823

Ken Lee
9-Sep-2016, 14:49
It may have been added by someone else anyway. I'd remove it with no regret.

I purchased a 5x7 2D which in addition to the full-size back had a split back which appeared to be of the same cherry wood and metal fittings. My guess is that the owner made graduation portraits, 2 per sheet.

9-Sep-2016, 15:52
It should be spring loaded on one edge. Press against the spring, and the other end comes out far enough to remove the panel----like removing a sliding glass door.

9-Sep-2016, 16:31
Thanks! That worked. I'm glad I didn't start hacking it up.

Tin Can
9-Sep-2016, 19:24
I have a 5X7 Ansco with an accessory slider back that does a similar thing.

It's great for portraits as you can shoot one, then a second shot very quickly, by sliding the slider!

Same camera also has a back for 4x5 sliding.

Your divider, as I call it, is nice to use for slower things like landscape.

8X10 Eastman came with 2 dividers for 5X8 and 4X10, both handy.

The round holes are to help remove them.