View Full Version : "New" camera - NOT Ebony!

paul owen
27-Apr-2005, 00:35
Check this out for a portable camera just appeared on the AUCTION site!http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7511528103&fromMakeTrack=true

27-Apr-2005, 06:23
Paul, that camera looks like the nuts, provided that the focusing mount isn't a spray-painted plastic Graflex XLR focusing mount. If they copied the Graflex mount in metal then it beats the Cambo and others hands down - simple and cheap, and it does away with the PITA expensive manufacturer-made focusing mounts.

I may just have a go at it myself...

David Van Gosen
27-Apr-2005, 08:09
Sort of like the Fotoman 45PS (www.fotomancamera.com - but the site's obviously not finished).

I'd want to know if they have an office, dealers, support, etc. in my country before I'd buy one.

george jiri loun
27-Apr-2005, 13:58
The camera is intriguing no doubt about it. Some details of the description even more - what are those "Carl Zeiss" lenses it can accept?? But for someone who knows what he wants and it corresponds to his needs it's surely a way to go. The point with these "new" cameras is that it is very well possible to go around the big ones (manufactures) and get a solid camera that does what one wants for much less bucks . Fotoman is one example and this specimen yet another.

Dave Moeller
27-Apr-2005, 20:37
I find the prices these things are selling for interesting, given the lens that's included. Am I missing something here? It seems like it'd be worth it even if you didn't want the camera.

27-Apr-2005, 21:38
Well, don't bid it up!