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6-Sep-2016, 21:52
I didn't realize this till recently, but my new place is only about 20 miles from the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

This discovery has reinvigorated an old dream of mine, to hike the Appalachian Trail...at least in sections. I'm not much for through-hiking, but I could definitely see myself tackling it all in parts over the course of many trips. So today I actually hiked up to the summit of Springer Mountain, the aforementioned start of the trail. It was a nice day - wonderful weather - and got me thinking about researching this more and planning day hikes.

What I'd love to know from anyone on this forum is recommendations for books about / on the AT. Specifically, I would love to know if there's a go-to book showcasing really good photography along the AT - large format preferred, but at least film, as that's where my interest lies. I think that would give me some inspiration and spots to research. I also would to get recommendations on perhaps the best book for documenting trailhead locations and information (mileage, altitude, etc).

I could look at Amazon reviews and try to find some books locally but I thought I'd ask as we have a lot of hikers and backpackers on the forum. Plus I doubt any newer photo books are LF or even film.

And of course hopefully the books in question have at least a lot of content on the GA part of the AT. I've found this website really helpful - http://www.atlantatrails.com/ - but I would prefer a book I could take with me.

Thanks guys.

7-Sep-2016, 04:47
This is tangential to what you've asked about, but you might find it interesting to read about the first-ever AT through hike, in Walking with Spring by Earl V. Shaffer.

Quite a change of scenery for you, from the swamps to the mountains. :)

7-Sep-2016, 09:12
Actually that sounds interesting, thanks, I'll check it out!

And yes, quite a change. Will take some getting used to.

David Lobato
7-Sep-2016, 10:01
Check out the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.

My wife and I day hiked the trail from Harpers Ferry VVa in July. I posted a thru hiker's photo here:

Drew Wiley
7-Sep-2016, 10:29
Do they sell DEET in gallon sizes? But you're probably already aware of tick issues.

7-Sep-2016, 10:40
Must read: A Walk in the Woods (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Walk_in_the_Woods_(book))

9-Sep-2016, 10:15
Not such a must read, but I you might like it corran. I kinda enjoyed listing to it on CD.
Must read: A Walk in the Woods (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Walk_in_the_Woods_(book))

Be aware that section hiking the AT is not very easy, or rather, getting to and from the trail is often a pain. So doing it a day trip at a time can lead to excessive driving.

Welcome to your new home!

9-Sep-2016, 16:14
Corran... Not sure where your located now in N Ga, but check out the Walasi-Yi Interpretive Center (Mountain Crossing) at Neels Gap if you haven't already.

The AT crosses Hwy 19 and passes right through the center, and is a major stopping and outfitter for those thru hiking the AT. I don't think I've ever been there when I haven't met someone either at the beginning or near the ending their thru hike. The center is North of DeSoto falls and just S of Vogel St Park on hwy 19. From Dahlonega it's about 20 miles N on Hwy 19 left at Turners Corner Hwy 19/129 N. They can provide you with lots of information and conditions of the trail as well as maps and almost any trail gear you might need or want. Last time we visited they also had a fairly good selection of trail guides and books detailing scenic spots along the trail and N Ga Mtns.

Haven't hiked any of the AT trails but have hiked nearby Ravens Cliff (small waterfall in the Split of the Cliff Face), Dukes Creek, High Shoals/Blue Hole Falls.

9-Sep-2016, 20:34
Thanks for the suggestions guys! I appreciate it.

JWebb - funny you mention that, I just passed Walasi-Yi yesterday and was wondering what it was. I hiked to the peak of Blood Mountain from roughly there (actually the Byron Reece trail, to the AT, to the summit) and back with my 8x10. Wow that was a rough trek. Next time, perhaps 4x5 is "big enough" :).