View Full Version : Anyone using viewing hood w/ Canham DLC

14-Sep-1999, 17:50
I was thinking about trying to find a folding or collapsable viewing hood for my Canham DLC. Does anyone have one on their camera? I know that Canham does not make one, but I once heard that a Linhof model may fit. Can anyone confirm thi s?

I did some searching on the internet to no avail, and will call Keith Canham if no one else has a solution.

Thanks, Michael

14-Sep-1999, 18:24
The DLC takes Cambo or Calumet viewing accessories.

Ellis Vener
14-Sep-1999, 19:57
I have used the Cambo non-folding monocular reflex on my Canham. It was okay but not great. But if it fit than all the other Cambo/Calumet hoods & magnifiers will fit as well.

Mike Kravit
5-Dec-1999, 18:19
I use the Cambo Monocular Viewing Hood. It has a 2.5X magnifier, clips onto the back of the ground glass, and is very compact. As Ellis states, it works ok, but is not great.

I use it quite a bit as it is very hot here in South Florida during the summer and not having a dark cloth over my head is readdy nice.