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Harley Goldman
26-Apr-2005, 16:18
I have an F-Line classic, which I bought used a couple of years ago. I was shooting at Yosemite last year and got talking with a guy who said he shoots an Arca 8x10 (he never pulled out his camera). He looked at my lower rail and told me it should have teflon tape inside the rail to make the upper rails slide on and off easier. It does not appear that my rail ever had tape on it. Should it? The upper rails slide on fairly easy. Sometimes there is a little resistance if the angle is a little off, but otherwise it seems work reasonably well. ?????


26-Apr-2005, 16:24
Yes, but it costs $49 per centimeter and takes 18 months to get.

Hening Bettermann
26-Apr-2005, 17:44
the same problem has recently been up in the German LF forum. If you can read German, you can see the details here:grossformatfotografie.de/viewtopic.php?t=764&highlight=arca+swiss (http://grossformatfotografie.de/viewtopic.php?t=764&highlight=arca+swiss). The bottom line is that the tapes are unnecessary and are no longer used in recent production. If necessary, the locking of the rails can be adjusted.
Regards - Hening.

Armin Seeholzer
27-Apr-2005, 01:53
Hi Harley

I have also an older Arca F-Line Classic and they do not had it and if you can read german as I then you know now it is better not to have it anyway!

27-Apr-2005, 06:14
The problem that has been up recently in a German forum was mine.

Hening said it all: the tapes inside the rail are unnecessary and can be removed (if they are still there) easily, what i did on my Arca.

I cleaned the rail and adjusted the lockings, which was much easier than i thougt it would be.

Mr. Greiner, who is a very knowledgeable LF-dealer in Germany, was so kind to advise me on this.

So, Harley, you dont have to worry about nonexisting tapes on your rail. Youre even better off without them.

Harley Goldman
27-Apr-2005, 08:22
Thanks for the replies. I appreciate the information.