View Full Version : Wista Tech 4502 compared to Linhof Master Tech

Eric Rose
26-Apr-2005, 15:46
Can anyone provide a detailed comparison of these two cameras? What I am mainly interested in is whether any important features offered on the Master Tech are not present on the Wista. Also fit and finish of the Wista, is it up to snuf.




David A. Goldfarb
26-Apr-2005, 16:23
The rangefinder sticks out as one big feature that the Wista lacks.

The Wista offers a bag bellows option which could be an attraction.

Does the Wista have as much extension as Technika? I'm not sure that it does without adding an extension rail. That could be a plus or a minus, in that a double extension camera is lighter than a triple extension camera.

Bob Salomon
26-Apr-2005, 16:43
I just emailed you the Wista/Linhof comparison.