View Full Version : Velvia 100 sheet film

steve simmons
26-Apr-2005, 05:26
The new Fuji 100 Velvia will be available in sheets starting in late May at the View Camera conference. Fuji will be there running a special promotion.

The film should be hitting dealers in late June or so.

At some point down the road later this year the Velvia 50 will disappear.

steve simmons

Brian Vuillemenot
26-Apr-2005, 10:37
Anyone know exactly when the plug is pulled on Velvia 50 so I can stock up ahead of time?

Donald Hutton
26-Apr-2005, 13:28

You may prefer the new Velvia 100. I have been shooting it in 120 for about a year (friend in Japan...). The improved reciprocity characteristics are a very big plus and in my opinion, the palette is so close as to make no difference. For once, the new product looks like an improvement.

Noshir Patel
26-Apr-2005, 14:45
This is different from the Velvia 100F that is currently being sold in this country, correct?

Darren Kilgore
27-Apr-2005, 21:21
Noshir, you are correct.

Don, it has been the general consensus (perhaps fact, though I can't recall) that the Velvia to be released here (US) is still being tweaked from the existing Japanese version.

Good to hear about a June release. This is the first I've heard of a pre-September/October release, so hopefully June is it.