View Full Version : How do you transport wet prints?

30-Aug-2016, 13:44
How do folks who use school and/or community darkrooms handle taking wet prints home? This is assuming there is not time to let the prints dry before you remove them from the facility. This is for a workshop.

30-Aug-2016, 13:48
blotter books [look for lint-free] but remove the prints immediately when home

Jon Shiu
30-Aug-2016, 16:59
In a tray with a little water. As long as they are a bit damp, they won't stick together and cause damage.

Light Guru
30-Aug-2016, 17:43
I would ALWAYS come back when they are dry.

You can always make a dryer cabinet to help them dry faster.

30-Aug-2016, 17:57
Blotter books are probably the simplest way.

RC paper can be dried pretty quickly if humidity is low and air is warm.

30-Aug-2016, 18:34
Sadly, DWFB needs to be at least half-dry (past damp stage) before it is safe to move... The surfaces should be dry, and maybe a little cool to the touch (use the back of your hand to check the back) and slightly starting to curl, with NO drops of water anywhere... At least, well past the sticky drying phase of the emulsion... If not, there is danger of the emulsion sticking to anything, creating dimples, or holding lint... Squeege prints well before drying!!! Better than a blotter book is getting (or making) a stiff walled large paper box, and cutting rag blotter sheets for the inside... This will allow the prints to carry flat, provide protection, and there's less pressure (and flatter) on the prints than the book and a little better airspace... Having a fan or some air circulation while (half) drying helps, but don't direct the air directly at prints, as this can cause uneven drying, making it hard to flatten or mount later... When you get home, leaving prints to fully dry on a clean sheet will finish the job...

RC dries fast, but make sure there is not ONE small drop on the front or back, or it will glue itself firmly to the next sheet in the print stack!!!

Steve K

30-Aug-2016, 23:57
With a little water in a ziplock baggie.

My students wash them a bit more when they get home and dry them face up on dry towels, or hang them from pegs on a line.

31-Aug-2016, 06:09
I would ALWAYS come back when they are dry.

You can always make a dryer cabinet to help them dry faster.

This is for a workshop, where once the people leave, they're gone. Some may well have come in from out of town, and coming back the next day is not an option. Taking time for fully drying the prints takes time away from instruction and printing. This is not a unique situation, there are ways of handling it.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. We're "developing" solutions. :)

7-Sep-2016, 07:48
I use a shallow lidded bin with liquid. Then I drive with my left blinker on the whole time so they assume I'm just an old man driving.