View Full Version : Polywarmtone PW 17

Richard Littlewood
26-Apr-2005, 01:19
I've just made some prints on this paper and I think it is one of the nicest papers I've ever used. The finish as compared with ordinary polywarmtone is nearer the gloss than semi-matt and does not suffer from flat blacks at all. In fact tonally it is just like polywarmtone gloss. The slightly cream colour paper base is rich, and under glass it cools off a little but retains a richness without dulling the highs (clouds still look good). I used it with D-163, slow fix and a touch of selenium at the end. I dont know about getting hold of this paper as nothing seems to be all that certain with products like this, I hope it stays around.

26-Apr-2005, 08:04
Richard, I am only familiar with Forte Polywarmtone Plus. Can you tell us who makes PW17, and what country you purchased it in?

tim atherton
26-Apr-2005, 08:31
I imagine J&C as they seem to be one of the few people selling Forte papers and film right now like the PW17 (Polywarmtone Plus), as I don't think Forte is shipping cut products at present, only bulk?

Richard Littlewood
26-Apr-2005, 09:10
Bought it at Silverprint UK, I've had a roll of it for about 6 months. Why can't companies give the same products the same name in different countries?

27-Apr-2005, 05:42
I think it's the same as Polywarmtone Art. On an ivory colored base. The Polywarmtone Plus has a white base. Also has a not quite glossy surface sort of like Oriental VC warmtone. And maybe similar to Bergger Variable CB Style. I haven't used much but find it's a nice paper for the right image.