View Full Version : Horseman Exposure Meter 69

25-Apr-2005, 13:02
Hello all

Can anyone tell me if I can use Horseman Exposure Meter 69
on Linhof Technikardan S 23 ?

Are there any other similar thru-the-lens exposure meters for average,
full area measuring on the film plane I can use on TK S 23 (beside available
focus/measure bellows configuration)?

Thank you kindly for your help with this!


Ted Harris
25-Apr-2005, 13:38
Should work without a problem as it is a meter encased in a film holder. The only similar meter I know of is the Sinarsix by Sinar and don;t know if it ever came in a 6x9 version. Be aware that if you are buying an older Horseman meter it may work only with mercury (no longer availabe in the US) cells but you can get around this by stacking two Wein Aircells although you may have to reevaluate the readings then.

John Gittens
27-Apr-2005, 16:35
Hello Jan, Yes, you CAN use the Horseman TTL meter on any 4x5, 6x9 or 6x7 camera for TTL metering. There are a couple of things you need to make sure of - I believe they made one JUST for 4x5 cameras (not certain of that) but the one I have has an extra 'accessory' for use with 4x5 format, which can be removed easily to be used with a 6x9 or 6x7 format. It inserts just like a film holder. Brand new they are $854 plus shipping. I had just had it modified by Horseman in Japan to take available batteries and at the same time they refurbished it to factory "as new" specifications when I started my hip problem, which was eventually replaced and I am OK now but too old to restart our business. It is available for sale if you are interested.