View Full Version : Re: Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros 4 x 5" B&W Film (Discontinued) ???

26-Aug-2016, 10:30
I noticed late, last night... That the following product is now being 'Listed' as discontinued at B&H:

Fujifilm Neopan 100 Acros 4 x 5" Black and White Negative Film (20 Sheets).
If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that 'perhaps' Fujifilm USA... Has just decided to no longer import it ???
This of course, is just a preliminary 'Heads-Up'... Nothing More and Nothing Less.

Thank-you! -Tim.

David Schaller
26-Aug-2016, 18:24
I noticed that a few days ago. I'm using a box that I've had, dated 2003! When the weather cools down, and I have the money, I going to order from a forum member in Japan.

27-Aug-2016, 04:51
For what it's worth, it's still in-stock at Adorama (I haven't checked anywhere else.) --Actually, somebody pointed out that Adorama is back ordered--

I hope this isn't true, but it's only a matter of time. Fuji has priced Acros out of the LF market. Acros is still my main LF film, but once it's gone I will switch to Ilford, a company still committed to making film for the foreseeable future.

27-Aug-2016, 07:46
I spoke with the Southern California Fujifilm rep in June, at a local shop's Fuji Day event. He said there's a proposal in front of management to create an "annual buy" program for large format film, both B+W and color, similar to the Ilford program. They apparently don't see enough volume to keep a line running all the time, but can make an argument to commit a line once a year. I don't currently have need for anything beyond 120, so haven't followed up. There's likely a benefit if multiple requests for such a program are funneled through other reps across the country.

MultiFormat Shooter
27-Aug-2016, 08:00
If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that 'perhaps' Fujifilm USA... Has just decided to no longer import it ???

It isn't listed (in large format) on the Fuji USA website (http://www.fujifilmusa.com/products/professional_photography/film/neopan_black_white/100_acros/index.html). The "weird" thing is, it hasn't been listed on the Fuji USA website for long time, even when B&H had it in-stock. Thankfully, Provia 100F and Velvia 100 are still listed in large format.

MultiFormat Shooter
27-Aug-2016, 08:06
I spoke with the Southern California Fujifilm rep in June, at a local shop's Fuji Day event. He said there's a proposal in front of management to create an "annual buy" program for large format film, both B+W and color, similar to the Ilford program.

I wonder if they would cut "odd" sizes, like Ilford? I would like to have a larger selection of 2.25" x 3.25" sheet film, and I bet 3.25" x 4.25" shooters would love it. Now if they would just do a run of FP-100C once year....

Fr. Mark
27-Aug-2016, 08:18
send a PM to B.S.Kumar he will gladly send you 35mm, 120, 4x5 or 8x10 fuji acros from Japan for reasonable fees.

Jim Andrada
29-Aug-2016, 11:49
Just checked Yodobashi Tokyo and they show it available in 4 x 5 and 8 x 10.

25-Aug-2017, 20:02
Hi sorry to drag up an old post, but I was shocked to just discover that my beloved Acros is being discontinued; I had a look on Yodobashi, and there price is a LOT cheaper than Japan Exposures, but I can't find a translate button? Where is currently the best place to buy 8x10 Acros from, and how likely is it that it will have an annual run? Am preparing myself for a bit of a Stock up. Will 120 Acros be readily available for some time to come? My main film sizes are 120 and 8x10 (for 4x10 also cut) with some 4x5. Thanks

David Karp
25-Aug-2017, 20:20
Find B.S. Kumar on this forum and contact him.

25-Aug-2017, 20:22
Actually used Google translate on Yodbashi but its almost impossible it seems to get past checkout with Phonetic or some such, post code etc.... any suggestions?

Drew Wiley
26-Aug-2017, 12:04
They have already stopped making ACROS sheet film, officially; but they predict about a two year reserve on hand for sale. If you need it, buy it while you still can; but it's gotten expensive, like Kodak. Roll film obviously uses a different kind of base, is still being made, and is quite affordable in ACROS.

26-Aug-2017, 12:26
well I know a lot of people have been there before, but as I shoot only B&W I thought I was OK and foolishly believed Fuji when they assured their commitment to film...
Yes I will be buying boxes, mainly for me 8x10 so I can cut it to 4x10, fav format. Guess it will be frozen immediately.
Glad to hear roll film is OK.
So am hoping it all boils down to 1 manufacturer and that they have enough sales to keep a nice B&W emulsion going.
Yesterday was my first official and proper fright, after years I have only just got my darkroom working how I want and am turning my sights to actually spending some serious time shooting; getting all of those little ideas into prints.
Am REALLY hoping that I can get the following for a few decades; 50" Ilford FB Gloss MGIV, some kind of nice 8x10 film, 120 film. That will keep me happy.
Chems not so fussed on I guess, easy enough to cook up some, even if it not 100% matched to an emulsion right?
I'm sure things will turn out OK, I love looking at all the gear in my darkroom, but I love using it more.
Here's me hoping that my man shed does not become a museum.

26-Aug-2017, 12:36
By the way, thanks Kumar!!!! Awesome service.

Drew Wiley
26-Aug-2017, 13:44
ACROS is more important to me in 120 format than sheets, due to the greater degree of enlargement. Ilford has much nicer VC papers now than MGIV, some in large sizes.

26-Aug-2017, 14:37
Drew do you like your grain you mean?
I am printing on MGFB1K, (only as of last week) which seems to be a nice white base and lovely image. Should I expect that Ilford keep producing 50" rolls of this for a long time yet? I think I really like Acros as I really like low light scenes with long exposures, one of my best shots was a 20min exposure, phenomenal image, amazing detail and scary contrast range.

Drew Wiley
26-Aug-2017, 15:06
Roll paper is tricky to predict. Just depends on demand. But since Ilford is willing to periodically cut very large film sizes from master rolls, they could do it for paper too. All my own big rolls of paper are RA4 color.

Drew Wiley
26-Aug-2017, 15:16
Per ACROS, I used the last of my 8X10 and 4x5 earlier this summer. The local camera store still has some 4x5 in stock. It is wonderful for predictable long exposures; but my freezer is well stocked with TMY400 8X10, which I find more versatile. I can easily make FP4 substitute in 4x5 at much lower cost, and I have plenty of ACROS roll film on hand, along with TMY400 when I need more speed. Printed both yesterday. A good selection of film should be with us for quite awhile, with the exception of color chrome E6.

26-Aug-2017, 23:16
Well I'll freeze a bunch of Acros 8x10 and I guess start on Delta 100 or maybe investigate another film. I have not shot anything fast for a while, and this might sound like a really daft statement, but I thought Kodak was kaput? I just realised Tmax400 can be bought new?? what the?? What am I missing? I find the internet really misleading on occasion with dates and accurate information. So can someone (hopefully not sarcastically please be gentle) tell me what the deal is with Tmax400 in 8x10? Is it old stock or is it still being produced?
I used to shoot that as my main film in the early 90's in 35mm. I missed the fact that Kodak has come out of bankruptcy. Good on them.

Serge S
27-Aug-2017, 07:19
I wanted to try Acros, but will stick with ilford now. Pointless getting into a film stock which will be unavailable down the road.

Drew Wiley
27-Aug-2017, 17:54
ACROS is orthopanchromatic with a more naturalistic rendering of foliage than typical pan films, though you can get a similar look using FP4 using a light yellow-green #11 filter. T-Max films have a longer straight line and can be developed to higher contrast. TMY400 is the most versatile 8X10 film I've ever encountered. Delta is a relatively long-toe film favoring highlights at the expense of shado shadow gradation.

27-Aug-2017, 23:21
Thanks Drew, excellent explanation.