View Full Version : How to choose a Linhof Camera?

Yong-ran Zhu
14-Sep-1999, 13:37
I have a toyo 45AX field camera and have used it for 2 years. I believe that I g ot some experience of using 4x5 camera. I mainly like to shoot landscape and som etimes architecture and tabletop (in Winter). Now I am thinking to buy a good ca mera with enough movements for my shooting objects. I like Linhof very much. How ever, I could not make a decision for buying Technikarden 45s or another field c amera, Master Technika 4x5 which has better movements than that of Toyo. It will be my last investment for my large format photo equipment. So I need some kind advice from you. I appreciate all your suggestions. Thank you very much for your help!

Bob Salomon
14-Sep-1999, 15:15
What do you want to do?

Wide angle? The TK takes 35mm lenses up.

Macro? The TK has 4" more bellows.

Handhold? The MT has a rangefinder.


Ellis Vener
14-Sep-1999, 16:07
The TK45s is a better all round camera than the Master Technika for your purposes.

17-Sep-1999, 13:33
I have owned a Linhof Technica for 20 years with a full set of lenses. I find that it is too heavy, clunky for field use, and the lens/back movements are more hype than real. Keep your Toyo to use in the field (landsacpes, etc) and get a (good used) Linhof 45S for around $600 for when you need lots of movements. Lensboards/lenses are interchangable. You will have the best of both worlds.

Rob Tucher
20-Sep-1999, 13:25
I have not seen many 45S cameras for sale used and the 45 model goes for $2000 or so used. I have one and love it and use it for ALL of my 4X5 work but you are not going to get a $600 camera anywhere I know. I do use my Tech board-mounted lenses on Toyo every now and then (borrowed from work for fun)and it is a good suggestion but my TK45 does it all for me.