View Full Version : Any one know which lens board can I use for this Toyo 45AII camera?

24-Aug-2016, 14:11
Hi all,

I have Toyo 45 Aii but the lens board usable looks like not the Toyo 110 because doesn't fit. I believe that I have to use the Linhof lens boards because at the bottom I have a small piece of iron. Anyone could help me?



Bob Salomon
24-Aug-2016, 14:27
Here, I did the Google search for you:


Oren Grad
24-Aug-2016, 14:43
It looks like you have the 45AII-L version, which does indeed take Linhof-type boards.

Alan Gales
24-Aug-2016, 15:26
Count yourself lucky. The Linhof stye boards being smaller are easier to pack and store.

Rick Rycroft
24-Aug-2016, 21:23
Yup, I have one of those L version cameras. Linhof style boards it is.