View Full Version : eastman 8x10 commercial view camera

25-Apr-2005, 05:37
I am thinking of buying a eastman 8x10 commercial view , are these a safe secondhand buy? ie is it possible to easerly change bellows ect.

Jim Galli
25-Apr-2005, 08:25
Are you talking about the big cherry wood pre depression version from about 1928?

Donald Brewster
25-Apr-2005, 09:13
Or the magnesium version from 1940?

David Vickery
25-Apr-2005, 09:43
Hello, If you are talking about the magnesium camera that looks like a D2 (or a Korona) then its usefulness really depends on how much it has been used in the past. The one that I have was completely worn out when I got it. They can be useful cameras if they are in good shape. Expecially if you get the accessary part that gives you front tilt. The bellows are not interchangeable, unless you are handy and can figure out a way to take the camera apart and make them interchange. If you can't inspect it before purchase then make sure that you can return it.