View Full Version : developing Acros @ 400

Renee Galang
24-Apr-2005, 18:31
I was so desperate that I have exposed acros wide open F5.6 1/2 second at 400 asa. How am I gonna develop it? Thanks

John Layton
24-Apr-2005, 18:47
Renee - OK, take a deep breath..... now - give us a little info - what was your intended ISO - what is your usual "normal" development for this film? Tell us something about the subject, the light intensity, the exposure value and placement, contrast range, etc. Give some details! Who knows - you could be right where you need to be!

Renee Galang
25-Apr-2005, 20:10
OK, I'll give you folks more details. I have never used this film before but I have use other B&W 4x5 films for many years developing them "normally" as what the instructions recomended and I am happy with the results.

But with my recent shots with this film (on quickloads) I have taken groups shots of five dancers in full cultural dresses indoors. The lighting were incandecense globes. I didn't plan to take these shots but the girls are gorgeous with their attire and I figures I could miss this oppurtunity. So I set the shots and stress to them not to move when I am making the exposures. I made 3-4 shots per custumes. There were three sets of cutumes. The contrast was great and I have used my grey card to obtain the exposure. I am confident with my exposures but have no experience developing films (especieally this one)when pushed by 2 stops. Oh by the way I know that I should use f 5.6 to take shots but like what I said I am very desperate. However, I made sure that I have take all the girls, centred them and allow more spaces so I am using the centre of the lens mostly. Thanks for your help!

Gem Singer
25-Apr-2005, 21:00
Hi Renee,

Try developing one sheet at 50% more development time than your normal time. Use it as a test to see if you will need to increase or decrease the development time for the remaining sheets. You can expect little, or no detail in the shadow areas, decreased depth of field, and probably some blurring due to the slow shutter speed. However, there will be a useable image. It just might result in a very pleasing effect. Good luck.

Renee Galang
26-Apr-2005, 16:17
ok Eugene, I'll give it a go and I will post back the results next week.