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24-Apr-2005, 18:15
Having become the somewhat reluctant owner of a Calumet Cambo scx 8x10
no Lensboard or lens. Can anyone provide me with some info regarding this camera, and perhaps a lensboard source? Will I have to make my own? Calumet and Ebay were no help.

Gem Singer
24-Apr-2005, 19:31
Hi Lizzie,

K.E.H., in Atlanta,GA (www.keh.com) lists several previously owned Cambo SC lensboards on their website. You will need to know the size of the shutter you are planning on mounting. Do a google search using the name " Cambo SCX camera". Quite a bit of info. is available on the web.

24-Apr-2005, 19:48
Thanks -- I tried Googling Cambo SCX but came up with mostly expired Ebay listings! Even when removing the Ebay hits, then all I got was the 4x5 SCX hits. I guess since I have no clue what lens I'll get, then I don't have to worry about a lens board just yet . . . What would be a "normal" lens?

Dave Moeller
24-Apr-2005, 20:13
For an 8x10, 300mm is considered a "normal" lens by a lot of people.

I believe the Cambo SCX 8x10 lensboards are the same as the 4x5 lensboards. I know this was the case for the SC cameras, and I believe the lensboards are the same across both lines. Is the opening in the front standard where the lensboard sits rounded in the corners, and is there a slide at the top that you can move one way to remove the bellow and the other way (which is how you install a lensboard)? If so, then the lensboards are plentiful and also easy to make out of hobby plywood.

Gem Singer
24-Apr-2005, 20:15
A lens in the 300-360 focal length is usually considered to be a "normal" lens for the 8X10 format. Click on the red letters above, "Large Format Photography Home Page". Scroll down on the home page to "Lenses". Click on "comparison chart". Click on 8X10, and you will see a chart that compares most of the modern lenses that are available for the 8X10 format. There are also hundreds of older lenses out there, no longer being manufactured, that are suitable for the 8X10 format and aren't listed on that chart.

I suggest that you get hold of the usual beginners books and find someone who can guide you through the large format jungle on a one-on-one basis.

Gem Singer
24-Apr-2005, 20:31
P.S., I neglected to mention your name on my post above, Red Jenny. ( many of us also follow the inquiries on the photo.net forum).

24-Apr-2005, 20:59
Hello, your Cambo system is extensive, parts from the 4x5 work on the 5x7 and 8x10 as well. I recommend a visit to Cambo in Holland.


I found lots of information at the horses mouth, Calumet is a major distributor and many of their own branded cameras are Cambo made. Though I will say that when I put an early model Cambo SC next to a contemporary Calumet "equivalent" that a difference in the quality of craftmanship was apparent. Keep in mind that they're a few decades apart as well.

If you already have lenses mounted for another type camera, their is an excellent chance that one adapter board would save you from remounts and dollars. Their are lots of boards available on the used market. The retail list prices will give you sticker shock!!!

Enjoy the camera,Paul