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15-Aug-2016, 04:52
hi everyone,
I am experimenting with different toner combinations for kallitype. The Gold Toner #2 from Sandy's kallitype article becomes muddy and quickly separates leaving a heavy dark-brownish sediment on the bottom. I tried toning but almost no effect on the print. I use fresh components purchased from B&S. When mixing use distilled water, first dissolving tartaric acid and thiourea and than add the 1% gold chloride in proportions suggested. The resulted mix gets muddy with separation as soon as I add the gold into the mix. I tried mixing using a difference sequence but ending up with same result.

Would this be result of a messed up chemical component i.e. mistake by B&S or one of the ingridients gone bad?

I used same Gold chloride to mix the Toner #1 without thiourea and the toner was OK-ish.

Thank you for any suggestions.

15-Aug-2016, 05:03
I haven't experienced this issue when making the same toner from raw chemicals procured locally (so not through b&s). The toner remained viable for more than a year - by then I had used it all. So the only thing I can say is that it's not supposed to happen.

Les Rudnick
15-Aug-2016, 06:47
Could you please list the formula components and quantities for Gold Toner #2. Thanks

15-Aug-2016, 08:05
I used this one from Sandy's page:

Gold Toner #2

1% gold chloride 50ml
1% thiourea 50ml
tartaric acid 0.5g
distilled water to make 1000ml

Gold chloride and tartaric acid purchased from B&S while thiourea sourced locally in Toronto from Nymoc.

Les Rudnick
15-Aug-2016, 08:35
Thank you

David Aimone
15-Aug-2016, 18:52
Make and use it all the time from B&S chemicals. Never a problem, I use mine up in a month or two at the most.