View Full Version : Copal Size

Jerry Flynn
22-Apr-2005, 12:08
According to the chart on the SK Grimes site, a Copal #1 is 41.5 mm and a #3s is 65mm. So it would appear that the 48mm opening would not fit either.

Jon Wilson
22-Apr-2005, 17:34
As Jerry states, it is larger than the Copal #1, but not as large as the Copal3 or 3s. I have a tachihara 4x5 which uses this type of lensboard and sometime it is necessary to make one for the odd sized shutter. If you want to use it on a small shutter, e.g., copal #0,#1, then you can use a thin piece of material, e.g, a blank copper covered plastic computer board from Radio Shack, and cut it down to cover the opening, but then drill an opening small enough for your lens/shutter. The pressure fit from the flange behind the shutter will hold the two pieces together and you have saved several $s. Given the cost of these metal boards, I have cut down these computer boards for make a solid lensboard so my Tachihara can be closed and used on this inexpensive type of material for a lensboard on smaller lens, e.g., 150mm/6" dagor. Which as a side note from another thread, mine is not a "lousy dagor" ;) Of course... I have never met a dagor I did not like.

Jim Galli
22-Apr-2005, 19:38
It's for the 152mm Kodak Ektar in the big supermatic or the 135 WF Ektar in the same shutter. Also would fit a 162mm Optar in the big Rapax and quite a few others that used that shutter including some 8 1/4" Dagor's, and my 159mm WA Wolly f9.5. Too big for a Copal 1 and too small for a Copal 3.

Ole Tjugen
23-Apr-2005, 07:37
Compur #2 is about 48mm - like on Angulon 165/6.8 and Symmar 240/5.6. I have both of these...