View Full Version : 260mm f/10 NIKKOR-Q, experiences wanted

13-Aug-2016, 16:45
260mm f/10 NIKKOR-Q lens. OK have had this lens hanging around for maybe 20 years. Aperture goes from f/10 to f/32, Front and rear elements stick out and past the front and rear rims (Lens caps are convex in order to clear the glass). Quote from S K Grimes website: Mounting in a "Copal #3 Expensive Risk lies in cutting lens out of mounting bracket". Research indicates that it "has an 800mm image circle at f/22, and can illuminate 11x14 or 12x20". I believe there are 2 versions of this optic: one can be mounted in a Copal #3, the other not.

info on lens at: http://homepage2.nifty.com/akiyanroom/redbook-e/apo/pro260.html

Has anyone out there been able to practically use this optic or have it adapted to a shutter?


Dan Fromm
13-Aug-2016, 17:04
Greg, your research got you bad results. Akiyan's coverage numbers are at 1:1. At infinity the lens covers ~ 400 mm.

I've had one, spent $$$ at skgrimes to have an adapter for hanging it in front of a #1 made. I even tried it out. It didn't pass acceptance testing. Nikon does not claim that these lenses are apochromatic and recommends that they not be used outside their recommended range of magnifications. The 260's recommended range of magnifications is 1:2 - 2:1.

I bought a pup, you still have one.

14-Aug-2016, 16:37
So this afternoon tried to mount the 260mm NIKKOR-Q on my 11x14 Chamonix. Was able to duct tape it temporarily to a lens board. Problem is that the lens sticks out so far from the lens board that the camera's minimum focus not short enough for infinity focus. Was able to position the front standard again with duct tape to achieve infinity focus. Lens definitely covers 11x14 at f/22 with some small movements possible. Image looked great on GG. Once I figure out how to securely mount the front standard, will shoot a test sheet at f/22 and publish results on this thread.

Seems as though these lenses go for around $200 which may be a sign of their practicality and their performance at infinity....

Drew Wiley
15-Aug-2016, 08:23
Yeah, the first thing I noticed is that this is at 1:1. I am unfamiliar with "wide" process Q Nikkors. I do have a 240 regular 4-element Apo Nikkor, originally much more expensive, which is a superb lens I use on enlargers for critical dupe and interneg work, and should be excellent at infinity too, though I have no temptation to use it in shutter since I have other taking lenses in this focal length. The Apo Nikkors are actually much more common.