View Full Version : 5x7 (bw-neg) in Tokyo

mike rosenlof
12-Aug-2016, 07:57
To anybody in Tokyo, I'm headed there the first week in October. I've been many times, but it will be my first visit in 9+ years. I speak/read enough Japanese to get around easily.

Does Yodobashi or a nearby competitor carry 5x7 film (I'm thinking Shinjuku, but anywhere around the Yamanote would work)? HP5 would be my first choice, but I'm sort of flexible.

I know I'm probably best off buying here and in cary-on, but just curious. Sanity may eventually prevail and I'll stick with a smaller format. I've seen 4x5 on the Yodobashi web site, but not 5x7.


Oren Grad
12-Aug-2016, 08:47
The Japanese distributor for Ilford, Cyber Graphics, doesn't show 5x7 in its product listing:


12-Aug-2016, 16:09
No Fuji 5x7, unfortunately.


Oren Grad
12-Aug-2016, 17:11
And same for Kodak Alaris Japan:


< sigh >

mike rosenlof
12-Aug-2016, 17:19
thanks a bunch, gents!

I'll either do 4x5 or take all the 5x7 I think I'll need.


Jim Andrada
13-Aug-2016, 20:04
It's almost enough to get me to switch to 5 x 8